Terms and Conditions of using WP Runner

Thank you for your interest in WP Runner. Our goal here is to deliver a world class WordPress website support service.

We promise to act reasonable and by signing up to our service you are promising to act reasonably too. We’re here to help you within the bounds of the service explain here and on our sign up page.

This WP Runner service is provided by Outora Pty Ltd ABN 76 612 743 674 by singing up to our service you agree to be bound by the laws of Queensland, Australia.

We will endeavour to do our best to help your website, however we will not be responsible or required to indemnify you for any loss (either monetary, reputation, lost opportunity or otherwise) that you experience due to our service or any other loss you experience due to your website. We cannot guarantee our service, advice and best practices will work for every WordPress website as every website is not the same and there are a great many possible factors that influence website uptime, performance, security, upgrades, design, code and compatibility, many of which are outside of our control.

In particular we do not guarantee your website will be 100% secure by using our service. To the full extend of the law we will not be responsible for any problems with your website including security problems, hacked websites, data breaches, data loss, data theft, loss of money, loss of income or other malicious acts against your website whether caused by us or a third party. Our service is restricted to providing the work we describe here and on our signup page and does not extend to guarding your website from attacks or being responsible for the security of your website. We do not guarantee that any security scans or security fixes or other tasks we perform will cover 100% of all potential security issues or threats to your website. Your website remains 100% your responsibility and our service exists to assist you but not take on any responsibility for your website in any legally binding sense.

We also do not guarantee your website will perform to any particular specification of functionality, performance or speed, including any speed, page size or performance grade. Guaranteeing website performance is simply not possible as many factors influence the speed of a website many of which are outside of our control.

If you are an Unlimited Support plan subscriber we will do our best to complete any reasonable WordPress website request within your allotted 30 minutes per task. If you are a Premium Support plan subscriber we will do our best to complete any reasonable WordPress website request within your allotted 1 hour per task. If we decide your request will take longer than your allocated time per task or we decide you do not have any or enough support time then we are entitled in our full discretion to refuse to perform the requested task or request you purchase additional support time from us. If you decline to purchase additional time it will be up to us in our full discretion whether we complete your request. Our Unlimited Support and Premium Support plans are for work on one website only. All additional support time purchased is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and will expire after that date of validity. If your additional support time expires you will not be entitled to further use or credit or refund for the remaining time.

Unfortunately we cannot always complete your requests even if they would take less than your allocated time per task, specifically where there are major website issues or problems (such as broken functionality) and we do not warrant that we will complete all requests every month to 100% completion. If we complete any requested job earlier than your allocated timer per task you will not be entitled to further use or credit for the remaining time. A reasonable number of task requests per month for an Unlimited Support or Premium Support plan subscriber is approximately 4-6 and we reserve the right to cancel your subscription and end our relationship with you at any time, with or without a refund, if we believe you are acting unfairly or unreasonably in submitting a high number of task requests to us. For example we may do this if you are regularly meeting or exceeding 4-6 task requests per month.

Under the Unlimited plan subscription you may submit only one job request at a time. Under the Premium Support plan subscription you may submit and queue up 5 tasks at a time. If you are subscribed to our Standard plan you may submit as many jobs as you want and we will complete any jobs you send us until you have no support time remaining on your account. If you submit more than your allocated number of job requests at a time we may notify you and may refuse to complete the additional request at our sole discretion. We do not assume responsibility for resubmitting or reminding you about any additional job requests that we previously refused to complete. It is your sole responsibility to resubmit the additional job request when you have free capacity to submit jobs.

We work hard to get all of our customer’s jobs done within our opening hours and within less than 1 day from any initial job request. Our opening hours are 9.30am-6pm Monday to Friday, the timezone of those hours depends on our global team’s current local time. Any average response times that may be described on our signup page or anywhere else on our website are indicative only. We do not guarantee any specific response times to any request for work. Many factors that influence response times are outside of our control such as peak demand times, problems with your website, workload, DNS propagation and situations where we are waiting on other parties before we can proceed (e.g. waiting for you to send us login details). We aim to act fairly in responding to you.

Sometimes we may be unable to complete a requested job on a plugin, theme or other part of your website because the plugin, theme or part of the website is incompatible with the other plugins, themes or parts of your website or is broken beyond repair. In this case we will recommend you remove or replace the offending code. The decision to remove or replace the code is your decision and may incur an extra cost if you wish us to remove or replace it.

Many requested jobs may need additional licences, support or subscriptions to third party vendors for us to complete the job successfully. You are responsible for paying for these additional upgrade license, support and subscriptions. It is outside of the terms of our service to provide this for you and we will not pay external licence fees for you.

We will be monitoring the health, security and performance of your website where possible. We use an external service to enable us to do this monitoring and by signing up to our service you agree to allow us to use an external service with your website to provide this monitoring service. If you refuse or are unable to allow us to use our monitoring service we will be unable to monitor the health, security and performance of your website. It will be up to us in our full discretion whether we provide any refund (wether in part or full) due to your refusal or inability to allow us to provide this service.

We will also monitor your website 24/7 which means we will be using an external service to check your website approximately every X minutes and report back to us (and potentially yourself) whether there is any downtime. This uptime service may not work 100% of the time and we do not guarantee it will work to detect 100% of all your uptime or downtime issues. We are not responsible for this service or any other third party service we use to monitor your website.

If you purchase additional support time or development hours this time is non-refundable, we provide this time at discounted rates, any unused support time will expire 3 months from the date of purchase.

This web page forms the entire agreement between us for your WP Runner subscription service to the exclusion of all other agreements and documents.

These terms and conditions may be replace by us from time to time and the new terms and conditions will become the new agreement between us by giving notice to you of those new terms and conditions.

You may cancel your subscription with us at any time by giving written notice via email to support [at] wprunner.com and we may also cancel your subscription and this agreement at any time by sending an email notifying you of cancellation to your nominated email address that you used for signing up and payment or any other email address you have used to communicate with us. Neither of us are required to give any reason for cancellation. Cancellation is effective immediately and we may refund you a pro rata amount for the current month that you have paid for at our sole discretion within our requirements under consumer law.

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee, which means as long as it is reasonable to do so we will refund you your first month’s subscription payment if you request a refund from us within 7 days of signing up to our service. We are not required to provide this refund if the request is unreasonable such as when you have already submitted more than one support task or we have completed one task or job for you already. The aim of this clause is to protect ourselves from anyone who might sign up and abuse our system by submitting multiple jobs and then trying to obtain their money back in bad faith. We will do our best to act in good faith and treat you as we wish to be treated.

Overall we have to say here that our goal is to act reasonably to you and work reasonably to assist you with the service you have purchased from us. We really are excited and looking forward to helping you.

If any part of this agreement is void or unenforceable then that part is severed to the extent that it is void or unenforceable. The validity or enforceability of the remainder of this agreement is not affected.

Warm Regards,

Outora Pty Ltd (The WP Runner Team)

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